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Solent Metal Detecting Club

The Solent Metal Detecting Club was formed by a group of metal detecting enthusiasts who meet once a month.  These meetings are largely informal. A raffle is held during each meeting to help with club funding. We arrange occasional talks by visiting speakers on a variety of subjects. A Finds Liaison Officer attends at regular intervals to record finds for the Portable Antiquities Scheme. All our members are required to be a member of the Federation Of Independent Detectorists (FID) or the The National Council for Metal Detectorists ( NCMD ). The club is based in Waterlooville ( click here for map and details ) and has a number of areas of land locally where we have permission to search.The club supports the Rosemary Foundation Nursing Trust which is a registered charity. We make donations from funds raised by charging our members 3 each time they search an area of land. 

You have found solentmdclub.com.  To go to the Solent Metal Detecting Club web site click here:-          Solentmdc.com  


October 2013